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This equipment has the newest RF tube and stamp method, and its hand piece can be exchanged for various purposes allowing for both CO₂ fractional laser and ultra-pulsed CO₂ laser procedures. It is an advanced conceptual device for gynecological treatments by stimulating collagen within vaginal mucous membranes, which makes vaginal canal more elastic after the procedure to improve symptoms of urinary incontinence and other lesions in the vagina (vaginitis, vaginal dryness, etc.) by using SUI hand piece (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and VR Handpiece (Vaginal Rejuvenation).

Strong Point

  • Non-surgical procedure (No- Bleeding)
  • No need for anesthetics and the procedure is pain free
  • Easy and quick procedure
  • Quick recovery to daily activities
  • Stamp Mode
  • Spot size comparison
  • More Stable beam quality
  • Safe and Quick Treatment


  • Laser for obstetrics and gynecology
  • Skin aging : saggy skin, large pores, Wrinkle, Skin tone & Skin texture, Scar, Striae distensae, Wart etc.

System Specifications


Dimension (W x D x H) 320(W) x 710(D) x 1000(H) (mm)
(Include Arm H : 1610mm)
Weight 55 Kg

Laser system

Laser type Fractional CO₂ laser, RF driver type
Wavelength 10.57 ~ 10.63 ㎛, invisible infrared
Laser peak power 75W
Laser Average power 30W
Laser mode Stamp, Spray, Ultra Pulse, CW
Spot size 70 ㎛, 49 pixel (10 × 10 mm)
Delivery system 7-joint, fixed mirror articulated arm
Cooling system Air

Surgical system

SUI / VR Mode &
Fracional STAMP Mode
Power 5.0 ~ 30.0 W
On 10 ~ 1000 ms
Off 10 ~ 3000 ms, Single
Surgical – Ultra Pulse Power 5.0 ~ 30.0 W
Pulse Width 400 ~ 1250 ㎲
On 10 ~ 1000 ms
Off 10 ~ 3000 ms, Single
Surgical – Continuous Wave Power 0.5 ~ 30 W