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Hemorrhoids can now be treated with the new HPR45i probe. This new and improved method is easy to use and very effective on hemorrhoids degree 2 to 4. Treatments can be done in several sessions of 15-20 minutes under local anaesthesia. Patients hardly experience any pain after the treatment, so minimal postoperative care is required and a swift return to normal daily activities is ensured.

Dr. Klos from the Kriocentrum Clinic developed this technique over 3 years ago and has carried out more than 2,000 procedures. Having used all existing methods available throughout his 25 years of experience. Dr. Klos believes that the Rafaelo® Procedure should now be considered to be the gold standard for this type of treatment.


Daycare treatment
Only local anaesthesia
Quick return to daily activities
Minimal discomfort during the treatment
No or minimal bleeding after the treatment
Only local anaesthesia
Immediate clinical results
No post-operative care
Easy to learn procedure
Cost effective and efficient treatment


Rafaelo® Pack available. These includes:rafaelo-pack-2

  • HPR45i probe.
  • 2x Anusscope: 23 mm and 18 mm.
  • ChloraPrep.
  • Lubricating jelly 5 mg.
  • Perineal Drape.
  • 2x Stella 3/5.
  • Pair of tweezers.