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Differing from other products, MORE-XEL is world first 3rd generation device that has advanced RF-Driver, Stamp-laser technology. 70-80µm of small spot size helps laser to penetrate deeper into dermis, minimize damage to skin and reduce pain. MORE-XEL offers Stamp mode, Spray mode, Ultra Pulse, CW mode so it can treat not only pigmentation but also scarring & saggy skin (tightening).

Strong Point

  • Equipped with innovative & semi-permanen RF-driver, no need for tube changing
  • Less treatment time & more efficacy by Stamp Mode which enables deeper penetration to dermis
  • Spray Mode which cure epidermal lesions available as well
  • Brand-new function of CO₂ laser-Ultra Pulse & CW Mode
  • More precise & homogeneous beam quality


  • Pigmented lesions : freckles, blemishes
  • Skin aging : skin tone-up, saggy skin, large pores
  • Scarring : acne scar, surgical scarring, burn scarring
  • Surgical : wart, syringoma, milium

System Specifications


Dimension (W x D x H) 320(W) x 710(D) x 970(H) (mm)
(Include Arm H : 1610 mm)
Weight 55 Kg

Laser system

Laser type Fractional CO₂ laser, RF driver type
Wavelength 10.57 ~ 10.63 ㎛, invisible infrared
Laser power output Up to 75W
Laser mode Stamp, Spray, Ultra Pulse, CW
Spot size 70 ㎛, (3×3mm², 3x9mm², 7x7mm²)
Delivery system 7-joint, fixed mirror articulated arm
Laser cooling Air

Surgical system

Stamp Mode Pulse frequency range 25 ~ 1000 ㎐
Pulse Duration range 100 ~ 900 ㎲
Exposure time range 50 ~ 1000 ㎳
Repeat time range 100 ~ 3000 ㎳, Single
Ultra Pulse Pulse width 200 ~ 1000 ㎲
Repeat time 10 ~ 1000 ㎳, Single
Continuous Wave Power 0.5 ~ 40 Watt