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Copper Bromide (CuBr) laser is a high-tech laser resolving various skin problems quickly and effectively. As a medical device of CBL method of dual wavelength which is said to be the highest class technology all over the world among the lasers currently released in the market, can display maximum effect due to its differentiated laser technology.

Strong Point

  • Dual Yellow 578nm/Green 511nm Laser
  • Selective treatment through the various spot size
  • Auto-calibration system helps procedure more safe by providing homogenous beam
  • Fast heat-up and cool-down


  • Pigmented lesion : freckles, melasma, ABNOM, Becker’s nevus
  • Skin aging : saggy skin, large pores
  • Tattoo removal

 System Specifications


Dimension (W x D x H) 370(W) x 1320(D) x 1010(H) (mm)
Weight 190 Kg
Weight including accessories 205 Kg
Main voltage 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Maximum power, in operation 1700 W
Safety class Class IV laser

Laser system

Laser type Copper Bromide Laser
Wavelength 511nm(100%) , 578nm(100%)
511nm(10%) , 578nm(100%)
511nm(30%) , 578nm(100%)
511nm(0%) , 578nm(100%)
511nm(100%) , 578nm(0%)
Beam mode Multi mode
Spot size (Automatically adjustable) 0.6mm / 1.0mm / 2.0mm / 3.0mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm
Fluence on the skin 75 – 2500 J/cm2 at spotsize 0.6mm
30 – 900 J/cm2 at spotsize 1.0mm
7 – 222 J/cm2 at spotsize 2.0mm
3 – 99 J/cm2 at spotsize 3.0mm
2 – 55 J/cm2 at spotsize 4.0mm
1 – 35 J/cm2 at spotsize 5.0mm
Pulse duration 10 ~ 1000ms , Continuous wave
Delivery system Via optical fiber
Laser cooling Air