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Visualization System

Syris Visualization Systems have been designed to enhance the surface or sub-surface features of a patient’s skin. One can choose between the surface and the sub-surface viewing mode, so perfect illumination will be ensured. This allows users to see approximately 1mm below the skin’s surface which will facilitate the treatment of telangiectasia and spider veins.

Illumination Condition Indicator

The V300/V900 Series is equipped with one of the most sophisticated diagnostic systems of any lighting or vision system in the medical world. A powerful microprocessor constantly monitors the entire system of lighting and cooling to ensure maximum performance.

The V300H

  • Revolutionary patented cross polarized techn
    ology allows the user to see approximately 1mm below the skin’s surface.
  • The V300 emits a larger, 6 to 8 inch diffused area of light which is preferred by some physicians when used for general dermatology, sclerotherapy and hair restoration.
  • Combine this with changeable magnification and you have the complete visualization system for all of your needs.
  • Allows user to be hands free during procedures. The reduced glare minimizes stress and eye fatigue. Increased accuracy, reduced procedure time and reduced tissue damage are results that are benefits to the patient and medical professional.

The V900L

  • Adjustable polarizer allows for bo
    th surface and sub-surface viewing; approximately 1mm.
  • Control module houses the battery and easily attaches to the waist allowing for unrestricted user mobility.
  • Control module offers dual settings for adjustable light intensity and extended battery life options.
  • Lightweight headgear has two adjustable knobs and combined with the foam cushion headband pads provide for a comfortable fit.
  • A fully charged battery will provide approximately 4 hours of continuous operation.
  • A charger is included with the system to keep the battery charged while not in use. To ensure that the V900L is always available, it is recommended that a second battery be acquired to allow for continual use of the V900L while the depleted battery is being charged