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The new SonoScape S9 Pro shared service ultrasound machine is a non touchscreen version of the popular SonoScape S9 ultrasound machine.

All the features of this mid-upper range portable ultrasound machine are the same as the S9, including its excellent image quality and applauded cardiac imaging capabilities. Since its release, the S9 and S9 Pro ultrasound machines are recognized for outstanding image quality for nearly every application.

The SonoScape S9 Pro portable ultrasound is excellent in a variety of clinical situations, with a wide range of transducers to fit those needs. The S9 pro offers an excellent shared service ultrasound at a very good price.

New SonoScape S9 Pro Features

  • Shared Services with cardiac CW Imaging.
  • Real-Time 4D imaging.
  • Multiplane TEE and peditatric TEE.
  • 2-D/M-Mode, Steerable M-Mode, Color/PW/CW/Power Doppler.
  • Advanced Tissue Doppler Imaging.
  • MicroScan Noise Reduction.
  • Multi Parameter Compound Imaging.
  • One-Touch Image Optimization.
  • PDF Reports.
  • Panoramic Imaging.
  • Trapezoidal Imaging.
  • Automatic flow volume analysis.
  • IMT calculations.
  • HPRF.
  • Lightweight & Portable.
  • 15″ LCD monitor.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 1-hour scan time.
  • 2 transducer ports.
  • USB port, VGA, S-Video, ECG and DICOM connectivity.
  • 16.2 lbs.
  • Triplex Imaging.
  • Elastography.
  • Integrated Stress Echo.
  • Panoramic Imaging.
  • Endovaginal 3D/4D transducer.
  • Alphanumeric keyboard (touchscreen).
  • Available mobile cart/trolley.